Scenes from Video III<br />October 29th –November 1st 2017

Photo: La Foresteria Serego Alighieri

Scenes from Video III
October 29th –November 1st 2017

About the Workshop

This invitation-only workshop is the third, in a series of workshops, held in association with ICCV.

It will bring together experts in the field to focus on the problem of estimating Scenes from Video. In so doing, we hope to draw several lines of research together to address the problem of extracting physical and semantic information from video.

There is a long history of extracting physical information from video including: camera motion, structure, flow, scene flow, etc. Similarly there is a long history of extracting information from static images including shading, illumination, albedo, shape, object recognition, and scene layout. When SfV started, there was little work drawing these lines of research together to extract rich scene descriptions from video. With new tools like deep learning, research in the area is expanding quickly. The latest SfV will collect the top researchers in the field to describe and discuss the current state and the future.

The workshop will be held at Villa Cariola in the beautiful region of Veneto near Lake Garda. It is structured to allow plenty of time for informal discussion. In addition to the invited technical talks by leaders in the field, there will be an engaging program.

The region is full of history and activities for accompanying partners who are encouraged to attend. To foster communication and community, we require that invited speakers attend the entire meeting.